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XITE Jamshedpur students gain valuable insights during visit to Tata Motors

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Jamshedpur, Sept 26: The Department of Commerce at XITE College, in collaboration with the Jamshedpur Management Association, organized an enriching industry visit for their second-year B.Com and BA English students to the esteemed Tata Motors facility in Jamshedpur.

The visit, which took place today, saw the participation of 30 students eager to explore the inner workings of one of India’s leading automobile manufacturers.

The meticulously planned itinerary ensured that students received a comprehensive understanding of various facets of the automobile industry. The day commenced with a visit to the Tata Motors Skill Development Centre, where the company conducts apprenticeship training programs. This firsthand exposure allowed students to witness the crucial role skill development plays in Tata Motors’ workforce development strategy, aligning with XITE College’s commitment to holistic learning.

During this segment of the visit, students gained insights into the practical aspect of skill acquisition, furthering their appreciation for the importance of skill-building in today’s competitive job market.

Subsequently, the group proceeded to the heart of the Tata Motors operation—the manufacturing plant. Here, students were introduced to the intricate processes involved in assembling, testing, and quality control of automobiles.

Observing the assembly line and quality assurance procedures in action at an industry leader like Tata Motors proved to be an eye-opening experience, providing students with a deeper understanding of the industry’s rigorous standards.

Dr. Swati Singh, a professor from XITE College, and Anushka Mahato, a representative from the Jamshedpur Management Association, accompanied the students throughout the visit. Additionally, three officials from Tata Motors guided the students, sharing their expertise and knowledge.

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