Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Work hard to develop confidence: JB Tubid to students

Chaibasa : ‘We are the sons of the same divine father and we are his children and have an inseparable relationship with him, so we must love all the living being and must ascribe divinity in rendering service to his creation.

We must transcend beyond all religion and while maintaining brotherhood amongst all religion and conceiving one human race we all should make concerted effort where there are no differences between man and man and let everyone be nurtured without any discrimination’, said BJP spokesperson and TAC member JB Tubid while addressing the students blessing prayer organized by Welfare Mission of India, Jamshedpur at Pillai Hall in Chaibasa on Saturday.

He also advised the students to work hard to develop confidence. Tubid was blessed for his wellbeing by international religious speaker Daniel David by chanting a special prayer during the function.

The divine song was presented by ELM Choir group Jamshedpur which enthralled the students.

Present at the event were Shyamla Honhaga, Matiyas Kundla, Anubhav Honhaga, and Hindi Translator Marshal Purty and students in large number.

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