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Jamshedpur: Health services remain paralysed at MGM Hospital for the third day 

Women Home Guard accuse protesting doctors of rudeness and using caste-related insults


Jamshedpur, Sept 21:  The state–owned MGM Hospital has become a battleground, with tension  escalating from patients to security personnel.

A dispute among doctors has further exacerbated the situation, resulting in a three-day-long protest by infuriated doctors and nursing staff at MGM Hospital.

The ongoing strike has thrown the hospital’s law and order situation into disarray, with allegations surfacing that women Home Guard security personnel posted at the hospital have accused doctors of rudeness and using caste-related insults.

This rift against the medical professionals has intensified, with reports suggesting that some doctors were allegedly under the influence of alcohol last night, leading to altercations and the use of caste-based derogatory language.

The confrontation appears to have reached the children’s ward, where dispute between doctors, patients, and their families has become increasingly common. Amidst this turmoil, there are dedicated and honest female security personnel diligently performing their duties.

Despite the presence of these dedicated professionals, some doctors have reportedly insulted them, which has raised concerns about the overall atmosphere within the hospital. The female security personnel stationed at the children’s ward had refused to tolerate such behavior, leading to action being taken against the accused doctors on Thursday.

Upon receiving information about the matter, Sakchi police station and senior officers from the Home Guard reached the hospital to investigate the situation thoroughly. Currently, discussions are ongoing with the Deputy Superintendent and other hospital officials.

Dr. Saurabh Chaudhary, secretary of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), asserted that the ongoing strike will continue until appropriate action is taken against the culprits. He emphasized that the movement would not cease until the accused individuals were arrested and adequate security measures are implemented to protect doctors.

Notably, this dispute stems from an incident that occurred last Monday night in the NSIU ward of MGM Hospital, involving an assault case on Dr. Kamlesh. The doctors on strike have received support from the IMA, which has made it clear that they will persist with their movement until their demands are met.

Police deployment at MGM Hospital and a long-pending demand for improved security arrangements indicate the need for the district administration to take proactive steps. Until the accused is arrested and proper measures are in place for doctors’ security, the strike is set to continue.

Meanwhile, patients from remote areas continue to suffer due to the ongoing strike, with their relatives desperately seeking treatment in the absence of doctors’ services. The situation at MGM Hospital remains tense as the standoff between doctors and security personnel continues.


OPD services suspended at Sadar Hospital

Jamshedpur, Sept 21: The impact of the ongoing strilke by doctors of MGM Hospital was also seen at the Sadar Hospital, where all services, except emergency care, remained suspended on Thursday. Sadar Hospital serves as a lifeline for the entire rural area and the strike has created a significant problem for the people in the region.

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