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Woman delivers baby a week after marriage


Patna, Dec 13 (IANS) Much to the shock of a newly-wed man, a woman in Bihar’s Vaishali district gave birth to a child only seven days after her marriage, police said on Monday.

The incident took place in Sarai village of Vaishali district.

“We have heard about a newly-wed giving birth to a child a week after her wedding,” a district police official said.

Newly-wed Abhay Kumar said he felt cheated by the girl’s family.

“I was unaware of the advanced stage pregnancy of my bride. I never imagined I married a girl who has nine months pregnant,” Kumar told IANS on telephone.

“It is a fraud committed by the girl’s family… They have played with our emotions, son’s life and family’s dignity,” a family member added.

The girl was apparently pregnant with her boyfriend.

Kumar said he was invited by some people to Muzaffarpur on December 2. There, he was held hostage and forcibly married to the girl in Manohar Patti village in Muzaffarpur district.

In rural Bihar, forced marriages — known as “Pakarua Shaadi” — during the marriage season was a common phenomenon until about two decades ago.

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