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Jamshedpur triple murder: Woman cop, mother and daughter found dead in locked house in Golmuri-VIDEO


Jamshedpur, July 22:

In a shocking incident, a lady constable and two members of her family were murdered inside her residential flat at Golmuri Police Line on Thursday night. The victims were identified as Sabita Hembrom (39), daughter Geeta (13) and mother Lakhia Murmu (75). The murders took place on the first floor of the six-storey apartment meant for the police personnel in the Police Line.

As the news spread, Senior SP Prabhat Kumar and City SP K Vijay Shankar beside several other police officers rushed to the spot and inspected the murder scene.

Sabita’s body was lying on a cot whereas the bodies of her daughter and mother were lying on the floor. The senior SP pressed a team of forensic experts at the murder scene and also ordered for getting CCTV footage of the area.

The body of Savita was recovered by the police from the bed inside flat number J 5, block number 2 of Golmuri police line. Similarly, the body of Geeta was lying on the floor. All the dead bodies were in a blood-soaked state. The people of the flat had come out due to a foul smell coming from inside the flat. After the arrival of the forensic team, the samples were taken.

The incident was discovered after the lady constable’s sister Rani Mardi had started finding out the reason behind her absence from duty at the senior SP office for the past two days.  According to information, other members of Savita’s family suspected some foul play when there was no response from her. On July 20, her sister also went to the police office with a complaint about it. The matter was also taken seriously by SSP Prabhat Kumar. He informed the officer and asked him to go towards the flat. During this, the door was broken on the night of July 21. They recovered the dead body of the female constable, her daughter and mother lying.

Arvind Kumar, OC, Golmuri police station said they cannot say anything about who is behind these killings. Investigation is on.

According to police, Rani Mardi with the help of the neighbours broke open the door lock to find the three bodies in the living room.

Sabita’s husband Kailash Hembrom was also in the police department and was killed by Naxals in the Ghatsila subdivision of the district. She later got the police job on the compensatory ground.

The police also suspect that Sabita’s brother-in-law who is a resident of the Dumaria block of the Ghatsila subdivision might be behind the killings as he was against the murder victim’s police job on the compensatory ground after his brother’s death. The police have arrested Sabita’s brother-in-law on suspicion.  

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