Saturday, June 19, 2021

With 99.42 percentile, Harsh Kumar tops Jamshedpur in JEE Main March session

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Jamshedpur: Students of Jamshedpur have registered a stellar performance in JEE (Main)-March 2021 exam, the result of which was announced late night on Wednesday, March 24.  

Rahul Kumar of Ranchi scored 99.99 percentile to bag the toppers crown in Jharkhand. Harsh Kumar of Jamshedpur scored 99.42 percentile to top Jamshedpur in JEE Main. In the February session exam, the result of which was declared on March 8, Harsh scored 99.29 percentile. Harsh has improved his ranking. He scored 100 in Physics, 97.39 in Chemistry, 99.15 in Mathematics.  

Students of leading engineering and medical coaching institute, Narayana IIT / NEET Academy Saatchi have come with flying colours in the exam.

Shyam Bhushan, director, Narayana Jamshedpur Center, said that the JEE (Main) -March 2021 result, saw 74 students from Narayana Jamshedpur Center, scoring more than 90 percentile, as well as 154 students have scroed 80 percentile.

The following students have scored more than 92 percentile : Harsh Kumar Singh, Jeet Vyas, Ekeshwar Aditya, Akshit Kumar, Pranjal Kumar, Shruti Arpana, Abhishek Kumar Sharma, Soumadeep Sarkar, Abhishek Kumar Mishra, Raj Laxmi Mahanti, Piyush Kumar Singh, Rishi Rishwa, Sunny Kumar.

Narayana IIT / NEET Academy is not only known for its superior teachers, course materials, but most important besides the better disciplined academic environment and a full library that Narayana planned under an academic calendar at all India level.

Bhushan said that every weekly test is also being conducted at the center at all India level. Students get to know their ranking at All India level every week for their self-observation, that is, students studying in Jamshedpur Center are not only competition from students studying in their class, but their competition all over India level.

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