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Winged guests begin to arrive in Steel City


Jamshedpur, Dec. 4: With the onset of winter migratory birds from off shore as well as the foothills of Himalaya have started arriving in the Steel City. So far, 2,000 odd birds have already visited the three popular lakes in the city.

Although, a comparative study has found the migratory birds are losing ground in the light of increased human activities in the lakes, the good part is that this year the strength of the migrating birds to the industrial town is good.

The resident migratory birds from the north eastern part of India or the foothills of Himalaya along with their counterpart from Baluchistan, Myanmar and Russia have flown to the Dimna Lake, Jubilee Lake and Works Lake (lake inside Tata Steel works) since early November and shall be camping here till end of February.

Notably, it has been reported earlier that migration of a number of aquatic birds – Common Teal and Shoveller from Myanmar, and Cotton Teal and Brahminy Duch (commonly known as Lalsar) from the foothills of Himalaya -to the Jubilee Park began to diminish after the creation of zoo there.

According to K.K. Sharma, in-charge of Jharkhand and Bihar chapter of Ornithology Society of India, birds are staying away from the city in the wake of increased human activities along water bodies in Jubilee Park.

“The boating activity in Jubilee Lake has affected the stay of the migratory birds however, at Dalma Lake and inside the works where I visited this morning the environment is relatively better,” said Dr. KK Sharma. Meanwhile, he informed that with the help of the keen bird watchers and members of the city based Nature’s Trail the Ornithology Society will work out a broad guidelines to ensure secure and safe stay of the migratory birds from October to February.

“Sure we can’t do much to keep their stay for long but again a coordinated approach between the bird lovers will bring some positive results I hope,” conceded Dr K K Sharma who however cleared that since last three years the city has not played host to Siberian birds.

Rakesh Sahu, 67, retired government employee and member of Nature’s Trail, informed that Dimna Lake is relatively better location for the migratory birds than the Jubilee Park as the former provide better food to the birds than the latter in the midst of city.

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