Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Who were made speechless by Pranav da and Bill Gates?

By RK Sinha

Almost moribund opposition of the country and its supporters past days received two unexpected shocks back to back. These shocks almost rocked the entire world. That’s why the entire opposition is annoyed just like a paralysed patient in the ICU. These shocks were given by the latest book of the late former president Pranav Mukherjee and bold thoughts expressed by the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In his book named “The Presidential years 2012-2017” Pranab da compared Narendra Modi and Dr. Manmohan Singh. He writes Manmohan Singh is basically an economist whereas Modi that he is a ground leader and experienced politician. Pranav da further wrote that “during his tenure as CM of Gujarat, he created an image by which the people liked by heart. He acquired the post of Prime Minister by his hard work, experience and popularity whereas Manmohan Singh got this post as a gift from Gandhi family .” At another place he also writes that “when he  was informed about the detailed election campaign schedule of Modi, he observed that it was not only gruelling but also very tough and painstaking.”

The opposition has been thrown in the towel

Pranav da was associated with the Congress his entire lifetime. It is Congress who made him the President. This kind of positive things written by Pranav da for extreme Sanghi Narendra Modi has surely thrown opposition in the towel. Sonia ji who could not grab the PM post just because President Abdul Kalam informed her that as she was not a natural citizen of India, anytime the decision to provide her indian citizenship can be challenged in the court. This entire incident is very well narrated by veteran leader Dr. Subramaniyam Swami ji . Only after this message she nominated Manmohan Singh and as a revenge she did not support second term to Dr. Kalam which BJP wanted.

Presently, people who seizes every moment to illogically find fault in Modi and his government, are unable to find places to hide their faces. Pranav da on 2014 Lok Sabha elections writes that Indian voters who were tired of the coalition governments, thought Narendra Modi led BJP as a better option and felt that the government of BJP can only fullfill their long desired requirements.

Pranav da’s unexpected comment was not not enough. Bill Gates also gave Modi’s traitors another great shock by saying that in the battle against COVID Indian research and manufacturing has much greater importance than other many great countries of the world, This added insult to the injury to the people who always cursed Modi and BJP. Bill Gates said that in the battle against corona virus India has great and important contribution. Bill Gates said that the research and manufacturing capacity of India is very significant during fight against the COVID-19. Bill Gates gave these statements after carefully listening to the address of Narendra Modi during Grand Challenges Annual Meeting 2020. One thing should be understood well that the entire world not only greatly respect Bill Gates just because he is the biggest donor of the world but also because he continuously thinks about betterment of the world. He every year invests billions of dollars to make the world healthier and to bring out the world from darkness of illiteracy. And that kind of person if says anything about great contribution of Modi in the fight against corona, is definitely a big news.

People like Gates take birth once after many centuries. Wealthy persons are there during every period and new people will always be added to this list. But rich and philanthropist at the same time like Bill Gates are very rare. Gates now generally distance himself from his company’s routine business work now. He for his rest years of the life wants to focus more on social and benevolent works like health, development and education. There is hardly any example in recent years where businessmen or kings get completely involved in social services like Bill Gates. Which country’s national head do not want to meet Bill Gates? He has completely become a global citizen now. Entire world is eager to receive him any time. The same Gates is looking on Modi led India with great expectations.

Demigod Bill Gates

The entire country should feel proud when people like Bill Gates praises our Prime Minister Modi during the dangerous period when the entire world is facing crisis due to pandemic like corona.

But unfortunately opposition once again did not praised modi that how the country is catering to its responsibilities during this tough time. They are also raising illogical questions on Indian made corona vaccine.

Now lets talk about Pranav da. Serving as President during Prime ministership of Narendra Modi , Pranav Mukherjee writes on their relationship. He writes that “even during these tough circumstances our relationship in this modern India was one of the most natural. “ The image of Pranav Mukherjee was of qualified experienced politician and an intellectual leader. He was also known as a bold and straightforward  orator.

The people who without any reason attack Modi and his government got double hit  by Pranav da and Bill Gates and become unnecessarily sad. These opposition leaders failed in fulfilling the basic democratic values. In a healthy democracy dispute,debate and discussions must always take important place. But the current opposition has only one work to be after the government. They did not learnt anything from Bharat Ratna Atal Bihari Vajpayee how he worked as an Opposition Leader in the Parliament The self proclaimed senior leader of present opposition Rahul Gandhi alleged Narendra Modi on Rafael deal with multiple allegations. He alleged Narendra Modi in Rafael deal like that he was having some strong evidence. He constantly challenged Narendra Modi to debate with him for 15 minutes.Unnecesaarily chanted Rafael-Rafael all the time. However his allegations proved wrong as always. The same opposition asked for proof when India entered and attacked Pakistan and made it understand its status by destroying the terrorists camps situated within the Pak territory under protection of Pak Army and ISI. India along with Pakistan also gave China a strong message that if it will look at India with wrong intentions, it will have to bear the consequences. But our opposition is unnecessarily questioning the government.

Everyone is dwarf in front of Modi

Presently, not only in India but in the entire world none of the great leaders can equate with Modi ji. Everyone is dwarf in front of him. His acceptance is increasing day by day across the globe. His personality was glorified even more by Pranav da and Bill Gates. It is natural that after these incidents the critics of Modi ji who came to backfoot must have understood their status.

(Writer is senior editor, columnist and former MP)

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