Sunday, December 4, 2022

Voice of Humanity distributes blankets among underprivileged

Jamshedpur, Dec. 6: A youth team of Voice of Humanity which started a unique campaign, ‘Manavta ka Deewar’ to provide daily necessary items to the underprivileged, last month, is receiving a good response from the people of steel city.

People while going to their office or visiting markets are seen hanging sweaters, jackets and other stuffs on the wall. As the day passes the citizens donate old woolen clothes, shoes, sleepers and other items which the team members forward it to the underprivileged.

The team members collect the stuff at 11 pm and visit several spots including footpaths around the city, near railway station and provide it to several homeless people who are compelled to sleep in the open without clothes on their body.

To make the campaign successful hari Singh, Ajay Kumar, Mohan Rao, Ritesh Chandra, Vimal Lodhi, Rahul Sinha, Rohit Sinha, Sudhasnhu, Ravi, Subojit and others provided their full support.

On the occasion a member said, mostly it is seen that old clothes, shoes and other necessary items are lying in the houses of the rich and on the other hand several homeless people are compelled to sleep in the open without clothes on their body.

Seeing the deprived, this unique campaign has been started for the very first time.

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