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Vishwakarma puja celebrated with enthusiasm in city

Jamshedpur: Vishwakarma Puja was celebrated with religious fervour across the city on Thursday.

Several manufacturing units and workshops organized puja pandal and decorated at their work stations on the occasion. Prayers were offered before beautifully decorated idols of Lord Vishwakarma at different places across the city.

Religious ceremonies were performed to pay obeisance to lord Viswakarma also known as the divine engineer. Workers in shops and offices at various Sectors worshipped their tools and instruments used in their profession at different places in the city and adjoining Adityapur.

The devotees offered prayers in the morning to the god of artisans. The city wore a festive look with colourful pandals, sources said.

Devotional songs mixed with modern Hindi and Bengali film songs were played at almost all the pandals and small kids danced to the tunes.

Traffic in the city was less compared to other days, despite few interstate buses were seen plying on the road.
Vehicles, even though many stayed off roads, on Tuesday donned a very flowery appearance loaded with garlands. Many offices across city had their customary pujas.

Despite rain and dark clouds, the city saw multi-coloured kites soaring in the sky as a part of the custom on this day of festivity.

Kite flying gatherings and competitions were organised in several places and saw surprising attendance by adults along with youngsters. Wherever one went the blaring loudspeakers and the marquees made it clear that no effort was spared in pleasing the Hindu deity of all craftsmen, architects, engineers and everything that ran with cogs.

According to Hindu mythology, the son of Lord Brahma, Vishwakarma, designed and built several places for the gods.

The day is believed to be resolution time for workers and craftsmen to increase productivity and gain divine inspiration for creating novel products. It is also believed that he designed and built `Lanka` for lord Shiva and goddess Parvati. However, Shiva donated the Golden Lanka to king Ravana as `dakshina`.

On his day, special statues of the deity was installed in workplaces and factories. Nowadays, however, his statues are aptly transformed to match the working place, for example, a factory will depict Vishwakarma like a worker there. The idols are immersed in water at the end of the festival.

However, in the mobile era, the celebration has also taken new look with people exchanging Vishwakarma SMSes to greet each other in the city.

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