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Virtual Poetry Conference in the Corona era auspicious signs for literature and society around the world

Dr. Satywan Saurabh

In the Corona era, in the form of offices meetings and discussions have started going online, similarly Kavi Sammelan and seminars, which are a great means of entertainment, are also being organized online. Manu Mukt ‘Manav’ Memorial Trust of Haryana has created a new history in the Corona era. A virtual international poet-conference was organized last evening by Manu Mukt Trust to commemorate the late IPS officer Dr. Manu Muktam ‘Manav’ in India, Nepal, Qatar, UAE, Russia, UK, Norway, Canada, USA, Fiji, Australia, and Poets from a dozen countries, including New Zealand, recited poems
The poet-conference organized under the chairmanship of Naresh Naaz, former Assistant Director of IB and senior poet of Patiala (Punjab), former advisor to the British Home Minister and Chairman of UK Hindi Committee, London, KBL Saxena is the chief guest and VBS Purvanchal University, Jaunpur (UP) Vice-Chancellor of Dr. Nirmala S. Maurya and Dr. Umashankar Yadav, Chancellor of Singhania University, Pachauri Badi (! Raj) were present as distinguished guests.

Dr. Jitendra Bhardwaj of Narnaul, Chief Trustee Dr. Ramnivas ‘Manav’, Dr. Pankaj Gaur, Dr. Ramakant Sharma, an eminent poet of Bhiwani (Hari), Dr. Nirmala S. Maurya of Jaunpur (UP), Editor of ‘Bharat Darshan’ Web magazine published from (New Zealand) Rohitkumar Happy, eminent poetess of Kathmandu (Nepal) and Dr. Shweta Deepti, noted editor of ‘Himalini’ magazine, Dr. Meera Singh, poetess of Seattle (US), Naresh Naaz, Patiala (Punjab), a senior poet of Suresh Chandra Shukla, Norway ‘Sharad Alok’, well-known Dohakar Dr. Ramnivas ‘Manav’, Dr. Shweta Deepti of Kathmandu (Nepal) and Harishprasad Joshi of Mahendranagar (Nepal), Dr. Sureshchandra Shukla of Oslo (Norway) joined.

�Dr. Meera Singh and Vinita Srivastava of Sistal (US), Prachi Randhawa of Vancouver (Canada) and Dr. Preetpal Kaur of Winnipeg (Canada), Shweta Singh of Moscow (Russia), Priyanka �Saurabh From India, Sueta Dutt Chaudhary of Nausori (Fiji), Melbourne (Australia) Urmila Mishra of Auckland (New Zealand), Rohit Kumar ‘Happy’, Abu Dhabi (UAE) Lalita Mishra, Dubai City (Dubai) Sneha Dev, Doha (Qatar) Baijnath Sharma, London (UK) KBL Saxena and Jaunpur in India (UP) Dr. Nirmala S. Maurya, Dr. Umashankar Yadav from Pacheri Badi (Raj), Dr. Vinod Pankaj from Chandigarh, Dr. Ramakant Sharma and Dr. Shivakant Sharma from Bhiwani from Haryana, Dr. Satyavan Saurabh from Siwani Mandi lasted for about three and a half hours He gave his presentations in this historical poet-conference / international virtual conference.

Today people have different opinions about such poets’ conferences happening online. Some are saying that such events are not able to give the fun, which used to come in between the applause and wah-wah in big auditoriums. What was in the stage poet conventions, it does not come in these virtual mediums. By the way, the poet basically goes with two attractions at the poets’ conferences. One is the remuneration, the other the listener. Both of these are missing in virtual media. Without seeing the audience’s face, neither the poets’ enthusiasm increases nor the poets are able to enjoy themselves without seeing the gestures of the poets. Therefore, is the system of virtual poet conventions going on in the Corona period ad hoc? How long it will be difficult to get its permanent form.

If we look at the other aspect, then the lack of applause from the direct audience makes it difficult for such a conference. But it is also important to keep pace with the technique. Today people locked in homes are enjoying comic poems through Zoom-Facebook Live, and poets are also getting remuneration online. Such large and paid programs are mostly done by government-semi-government or private sector companies to entertain their employees. People can enjoy sitting at home on Zoom or Facebook Live.

If seen, people sitting there could enjoy the poets’ conferences held in the auditoriums. But people sitting abroad are also enjoying the Kavi Sammelan happening through Zoom and Facebook Live. Often, viewers of these famous events reach millions in the audience. Small poetic symposiums can be easily conducted on virtual mediums, but the joy of poet assemblages seems a bit faded on virtual mediums.

�Dr. Ramnivas, Chief of the Manumukt Manav Memorial Trust, who has recently organized a Google seminar of poets from about a dozen countries, considers human poems to be different from the poems read in the seminar. He believes that the way classical music presenters often enjoy their minds with closed eyes and they do not make sense to the people sitting in the front hall. In the same way, good poetry also comes out from within. She is not happy with anyone’s applause.

(Dr. Satyavan Saurabh is a research scholar, poet, independent journalist and columnist. The views expressed are personal opinion of the author. He can be reached at�[email protected])

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