Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Villagers protest dumping of fly ash into Swarnarekha River

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Jamshedpur: Controversies of release of effluents into Swarnarekha River refused to die down. During the past weeks incidences of death of fish in the river came to light.

Various social organization and MLA Saryu Roy have raised the issue with the concerned officials, but the dumping of industrial wastes particularly the fly ash is going on unabated triggering further protests from local inhabitants.

Local villagers at Chandil have complained that an industrial unit at Kandra-Gamharia is releasing waste water containing fly ash into the river contaminating river water.

Over a dozen villages have been affected because of release of harmful effluents into the river. Villages including Gauri Gaon, Pudsili, Dobo, Rugri, Dhanni Goda, Kamar Goda, Kapali and areas nearby Jamshepdur are facing the threat of pollution of river water, the villagers said.

Bhola Singh Muda of Nagarik Kalyan Parishad, a local body, said that the villagers are unable to use river water due to fly ash. They are unable to bath as well as provide water to their livestock, he complained, adding the risk of skin disease has also been increased.

He said that dumping industrial effluents into the river had prevented consumption of water while the river could not be used for irrigation purposes. There are several who are suffering from skin diseases.

A meeting was held at village Reghadih under Gamharia block under the leadership of Mahji Baba Lal Mardi where voice was raised against dumping of fly ash on river bank by Adunik Group of Companies.

In a press statement the villagers stated that the villagers had seized two effluent laden dumpers and submitted the vehicles to Gamharia and Kandra police staions.

The villagers have complained that the Adhunik Company is dumping fly ask near natural water sources which had affected over a dozen villages.

Layer of fly ash has enveloped the surface of river water causing death of river water habitats as well as causing health hazards of the local residents. The villagers rued that no corrective measure has been taken to the effect by the concerned company and the administration.

Those present in the meeting included among others Azad Majhi, Rabindra Besra, Kalipado Tudu, Bhagan Mardi, Budheswar Sardar, Ram Singh Mardi, Babu Ram Mardi, Sonia Mardi, Bhutu Mardi and others.

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