Thursday, March 30, 2023

Villagers protest against conversion


Noamundi : Five Sarana devotees were converted to Christian faith at Meregda Village under Noamundi Ps area .

The outraged villagers banned the five persons taking drinking water from village well. Duka Barjo ,Bipin Barjo,Manual Barjo, Soma Barjo , and Yugal Barjo accepted Christianity .

Duka Barjo lodged a complaint against the village Munda Jay Ram Barjo and 8 other villagers for occupying land and beating them .

The tension was aggregated to tense situation between these groups and came to police station on Thursday .

Jay Ram Barjo denied before the Police Noamundi in-charge Dijvijay Sinh from banning the converted five persons.

Later the matter was settled by Noamundi Police intervention.

Allegation made by Jarman Barjo of land occupation forcibly against the Sarna faith villagers was recommended to circle inspector Noamundi for necessary action.

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