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Vegetable vendors rise price taking advantage of situation

Jamshedpur, July 23: People of the city are a worried lot as prices of vegetables and fruits have increased in the city with the shortage in supply due to strict implementation of 144 following communal violence. As the city reels under threat of violence, the vegetable vendors are forced to increase prices because of decline in supply.

Sources informed that due to curfew several vehicles from Jharkhand and Bihar are not able to reach the city that have resulted to poor supply of several vegetables due to which the supply is no able to match the demand.

The vendors are selling potatoes at the rate of Rs.12 per kg which were earlier being sold at Rs.7. Earlier, prices of tomatoes were Rs.32 per kg but now they are being sold at Rs.24 per kg. The prices of other green vegetables have also increased.

�The prices of vegetables were low earlier. But now the prices are increasing because of less supply due to violence threat. This has resulted in a gap between supply and demand,� said Rakhi Tudu, a vegetable seller from Patamda.

Residents say that prices of vegetables are becoming unaffordable for them. Consumption of selected fruits and vegetables are an integral part of the celebrations however, the prices have forced people to loosen their purse strings.

�If I go to market for potatoes I have to pay 5 rupees more than that. We can�t afford buy tomatos and more over people like us who are vegetarian and rely on green vegetables have no choice but to eat pulses,� said P N Srivastava , a resident of Sonari.

The prices of food grain, sugar and other items of daily needs have created an explosive situation everywhere.
The increase in prices is attributed to reduction in supply.

According to the vegetable traders, the production of vegetables has been badly affected due to floods in neighbouring states like Bihar and now delayed monsoon has played spoiled sport too.

Vegetables, like Bottle Gourd that was being sold at Rs 8-9 Kg is now being sold at Rs 28 per Kg in the market. Moreover, prices of Pumpkin, peas, Ash Gourd, Bitter Gourd have been increased manifolds.

�We have no choice left, the supply is little and we are forced to buy it at increased rate. I think the rise in demand of vegetables in summer has also led the stockists to raise prices,� noted another buyer.

Meanwhile prices of several fruits like banana, apple and orange have also witnessed an increase of 10 to 15 per cent.

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