Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Urban lifestyle, diet and genes leading to diabetes

Jamshedpur, Nov 8: Indian is home to more than 70 million diabetic patients while the number of diabetology is less than 2000 which in terms of the growing disease is very little.

There are several reasons behind this disease but the change in lifestyle or the urban standard of living and genetic is the main reason behind this ailment, said Dr. Alok Kanungo from Bhubaneshwar on Saturday talking on the sidelines of “Jamshedpur Live” Conference jointly organised by Jharkhand Diabetes Forum, Association of Physicians of India and Cardiology Society of India, Jharkhand Chapter.

“There are various reasons leading a person to diabetes which includes consuming of junk food, lack of exercise, grave yard (night) shifts, stress, anxiety to name a few. Poor homeless children are also prone to the disease while diabetes is not limited to urban as rural is also facing the same concern.

There are symptoms of the diabetes were a person feels weak and tired, starts loosing weight, itching, non-healing of ulcers and others ”, added Dr. Kanungo.

Talking about the conference, Dr. Kanungo said that in the next two days eminent doctors from all over the country will be deliberating on important health issues with focus on diabetes.

We will discuss on creating awarness about the disease and how one can prevent it while the seminar will also help in bridging the gap between the doctors and patients.

We also need to build multi-speciality hospital all over the country like we have it in Bhubaneshwar were one can educate, train, research and care diabetes under one roof, added Dr. Kanungo.

At the inaugural function on Saturday Dr. BB Thakur, Past president, API & dean , Indian College of Physicians from Muzaffarpur was the Chief Guest and delivered first “Jamshedpur Live” Oration on “Prevention of Cardio-VascularDisease in Diabetes” while Dr. Rakesh Arya, Ex-Director Coal India Ltd. was the guest of honour.

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