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Unlike 2014, ICSE, ISC†results easily accessible


Jamshedpur, May 18: Unlike 2014 were the students could not access their results for a long time due to a technical glitch on the CISCE website, the 2015 results which were declared on Monday morning were easily accessible were the schools and students of Jamshedpur were able to get it within seconds.

Schools had made special arrangements were they printed the results and hanged it on the notice board.

ďThis year the CISCE did not use the cloud computing method for quick evaluation of the papers of the ISC and ICSE examinations this year.

The council returned to the traditional method of evaluation as practiced by it till 2013Ē, said Rajni Shekhar, Principal of DBMS English School.

The CISCE, which conducts both the ISC and the ICSE examinations, decided to drop last year’s virtual format this year, where the students were given bar coded answer scripts and an OMR sheet, where the teacher used to put the marks obtained by the student in individual questions during evaluation.

The idea behind this was to hide the personal information about the student and allow teachers to directly upload the marks obtained by the students, thereby reducing result preparation time.

The virtual format was dropped by the CISCE this year because it gave rise to several glitches.

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