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UNICEF warns over new humanitarian crisis in Nepal

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Kathmandu, Nov 8 (IANS) The Unief has expressed its serious concern over the children of Nepal as the possibility of humanitarian crisis looms over.

Issuing a press statement on Saturday, Anthony Lake, executive director of Unicef, expressed worry over the condition of children who were blown by the April 25 massive earthquake earlier and now are reeling under national crisis, Xinhua reported.

“The declining stocks of gas, food and medicines, together with the closure of schools due to political strife in the Terai plains and shortages of fuel throughout the country, are inflicting damage to the lives of the children”, Lake said in the statement.

Lake, who was in Nepal on a two-day trip, added: “The temporary shelters built after the earthquake can provide even minimal protection from the coming winter. The current harvest is weak because of light rains. Shortages of medicines could severely impact the capacity to deal with diseases like pneumonia over the coming cold months. A new humanitarian crisis may loom.”

The Unicef has urgently appealed to all involved to think not only of the coming winter, but of the longer term future as well.

Unicef has also expressed its concern over the closure of schools in Nepal’s southern plains where more than an estimated one and a half million children are out of school due to strike and protests.

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