Monday, January 17, 2022

TWU rival faction leader RC Jha raises traffic snarl issue at Tata Steel gate in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur, Dec 3: Tata Workers Union’s rival faction leader and former vice president cum Coke Plant’s committee member RC Jha on Friday sent a letter to Tata Workers Union president Sanjeev Choudhary alias Tunnu, in order to get rid of unnecessary trouble being caused to the employees due to gate pass punching at gates causing long lines. 

RC Jha, in his letter addressed to Tata Workers Union president has said that for the last few days, the gate pass has to be punched at the gate of Tata Steel Company before the company entry of the employees. Due to this, long lines are being formed at the gate at the time of every shift.

Apart from this there is a narrow road for two wheelers to enter. Cars move very slowly. Because when every employee punches his gatepass, only then the drop gate opens automatically and the employee has to move forward. Due to which there would be jam situation here and this system is going on like this for a long time. So this system needs to be reformed or changed.


Giving a personal suggestion in this regard, RC Jha, has further stated that earlier there was a powerful sensor on the gates of the company which could sense the gatepass from a distance. By installing such a sensor, the worker can enter without being punched. Flexi punching facility should be made available to the employees like the officers. Due to which there will be no leave without pay and the employees will be saved from big financial loss.

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