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TWU leaders meet DC, urge free and fare union election

Jamshedpur: In the wake of High Courtís order Tata Workersí Union (TWU) has geared up for upcoming union election.

The proposed election has already kicked up quite a row that prompted the High Court to intervene. Today union delegation of different factions met the deputy commissioner Amitabh Kaushal today and urged him for a free and fare union election.

Union leaders who met the DC today were president of TWU, PN Singh, general secretary, BK Dinda and supporters of former president of TWU Raghunath Pandey.

While meeting the leaders Amitabh Kaushal said that he had received the copy of the High Court order pertaining to holding of election under the supervision of district administration.

ďCurrently I am going through the related documents and rules pertaining to the union election. The dates of the union election would be decided upon later on. Whether the election would be held inside or outside of the company premises would also be announced later,Ē he said.

After meeting the DC the TWU president PN Singh said the union has full faith in the administration. He said that as was done in 2012 the election ought to be held outside the company.

BK Dinda said that the DC had asked for papers related to election procedures followed during union election held in 2012. ďWhile I have submitted some documents, I will furnish more as when required by the administration,Ē Dinda said, adding that the union election should be held the manner it was held in 2012.

Supporters who accompanied PN Singh included Sanjiv Choudhury, S Srivastava, Shailendra Rai, RK Singh, Satish Singh, and R Ravi Prasad.

Supporters of Raghunath Pandey who met the DC included CS Jha, Sangram Singh and Vimal Kumar.

It may be recalled here that the then ADC Ganesh Kumar had constituted a committee comprising union members and administrative officers that had supervised the TWU election in 2012.

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