Thursday, November 30, 2023

TWU to conduct by-election for 9 post of committee member in May

Jamshedpur, April 13:Eight committee members post is vacant in Tata Workers Union (TWU) and another committee member V Shankar Rao will retire for the procurement department in May. Union leadership will conduct election on all nine vacant posts in May.

The current executive committee of the union had prepared a new election manual after making amendments to the union constitution.

Under the amendments, if the current term left is more than six months then its mandatory to hold elections for the vacant posts within 15 days. But the 214 committee member union is seeing post getting vacant one by one from the last five months but the union leadership has not conducted the by-elections. Now with questions being raised, the union leaders will soon issue notification.

According to the leaders in the opposition, the union leadership is steering at defeat this is the reason they conducting by-elections in several departments after a long gap. The union leaders have given silence consent in several issues which have cut the facilities of the workers.

Of which medical extension is a big issue.

The workers are also upset over the changing of the definition of long term absent. This is the reason why the union is delaying the election and they will face loss during the main election scheduled for 2018.

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