Monday, January 17, 2022

Two arrested for theft in Jamshedpur

Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, Dec 3:  Md Sharukh, resident of Ramtekri Road in Jugsalai, was caught by the clothes godown owner. The incident happened in Jugsalai. The accomplice of Sharukh managed to escape. On being questioned he gave the name of his accomplice as Raju Sharma. The police arrested Raju and recovered the stolen clothes and other items. A motorbike without number plate was also recovered from their possession. Cases of theft have been reported from Jugsalai since the past 10 days. The shopkeepers decided to keep an eye for nabbing criminals.

According to reports, both, Sharukh and his partner, Raju Sharma were bike stealers and did recce to find oput which vehicle could be stolen. They have committed thefts in various localities of Jamshedpur. Earlier, Sharukh was arrested by the Sitaramdera police in May and sent to jail but after marking time in prison, he came out and started robbing.

The Jugsalai shopkeepers went in a group to the Jugsalai police station and angrily complained of rampant thefts in their areas and demanded immediate action against thieves. They said several theft cases had been reported to the Jugsalai police but no one was arrested. The shopkeepers had also given CC TV footages but yet the cases of thefts have been consigned to the backburner.

Disturbed by the attitude of the police, the traders themselves were actively keeping watch.

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