Thursday, December 7, 2023

TRF leverages �Tech Ex 2016� exhibition

Jamshedpur, March 7: In line with the national initiative of using unconventional energy and providing safe and healthy working environment to the workforce, TRF has made a beginning to ensure usage of clean energy and provide safe and healthy working environment.

TRF leveraged the Tech Ex 2016 exhibition to showcase its capability to utilize cloud-based computing technique to ensure real time distant monitoring of its equipment for efficient operations, safer human interface and prompt maintenance.

TRF has developed technique for distant operation with early warning system of equipment in hazardous area. TRF has also successfully tested its prototype model by monitoring and controlling it from a distance of 500 km and running it fully on solar system only.

This exhibit by TRF demonstrates the effective distant monitoring of a plough feeder working in dusty and humid area. In addition, it showcases the harnessing of non � conventional energy, in place of conventional energy, which helps reduce the carbon footprint of this equipment.

The innovative features in the equipment require some capital expenditure in the installation phase. However, due to use of solar energy and remote monitoring the total cost of ownership will be much lower than conventional machine.

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