Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Our traditional food items are on the verge of extinction

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Jamshedpur : Swadeshi Jagran Manch on Friday organised a seminar on the traditional food grains which are on the verge of extinction.

Members of the manch prepared several dishes from various food grains. Several dishes include-Koni ka Bhaat, Chawal ka pitha, Lataru ka Bajka, Sama ka bhaat, Sama ki kheer, Makai ki roti, Papita ka ladoo, Kerav ke Chole chane, China ka mada, laddu bajra ke kheer etc.

The lady members who made the dishes were Manju Thakur, Reeta Lal, Reeta Mishra, Sangeeta Singh, Mamta Singh, Shobha Srivastava, Sonia Sahu, Sadhna Mishra, Priti Panda, Tinu, Seema Jaiswal, Meena Prasad and Shikha Rai Choudhary. Convener of the programme Reeta Lal informed in detail about the programme and the benefits of the food crop.

She further said that multinational companies have removed our traditional crops from the market to sell their own cereals.

The government is also not paying attention to the issue and if the situation doesn’t improve our traditional food items would be extinct.

By consuming the food items of the foreign companies our health has also deteriorated. Also present at the event were Dr. Anil Rai, CP Singh, Murlidhar Burnwal, Vijay Singh, Surendra Singh, JKM Raju, Amit Mishra, KP Choudhary, Rameshwar Prasad, Surendra Singh, Ravi Shankar and others.

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