Friday, June 18, 2021

TMH achieves Partial Knee Resurfacing Surgery with

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Jamshedpur, March 31: Tata Main Hospital (TMH) successfully completed a ‘Partial Knee Resurfacing Surgery using Microplasty Surgical technique’ on a 70-year-old lady named Sarla Rao.

The successful operation included replacement of both her knees by the surgical team led by Dr Varun Chandra, senior specialist and HOD, joint replacement. The other doctors in the team included Dr Raj Kumar Singh, Dr Abhay Harsh and Dr JK Laik.

Speaking about the surgery Dr Varun said that this surgery is first of its kind in the eastern region with Microplasty technique which adds to its precision. He further added that out of all the patients who undergo ‘Total Knee Replacement Surgery’, 40 percent can be treated by ‘Partial Knee Resurfacing; for a quicker and better recovery.

The traditional approach to knee reconstruction has been a total knee replacement, which replaces all three compartments (inner, outer and the one between knee cap and thigh bone) of the knee.

However, total knee replacement may not be necessary for every patient. Osteoarthritis often develops in only one compartment of the knee; while the other two compartments remain relatively healthy .

The results have shown that more than 91 percent patients have good functioning knees after Partial Knee Resurfacing surgery even at 20 years follow-up.

Only a part of the joint surface is replaced with a unicondylar knee replacement while a total knee replacement involves resurfacing the entire knee.

The preservation of ligaments and support structures in this partial resurfacing of knee gives the patient more normal feel and range of movement of the knee joint as compared to that of total knee replacement.

The operation may be performed through a small incision with great precision. There is definite logic in this joint preserving knee replacement.

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