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The locusts of Jamshedpur

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Jamshedpur, July 19: Locust swarms destroy standing crops and all else that come their way. But ways have been discovered to chase them away or, at least, to make them crazy with varied forms of sound therapy. Success rate reported so far raises optimism levels. But the locusts of Jamshedpur are a different breed altogether. They thrive in their mentally decrepit human forms and are directly dangerous to healthy living in unhealthy ways.

The Indian Medical Association  has declared in its bulletin of July 18th that COVID-19 has attained community spread and the prospects before citizens is darker than the darkest monsoon clouds. Now this community spread is in no way linked to communal or communist sentiments. Rather, the link may be traced to nonexistant sentiment.

Rules are made to be broken but those framed to protect are deemed to be followed even by criminal elements. But not so the safety protocols for the community at large. Unfortunately, a major section of nitwits have preferred to play ‘Locust-Locust’ in a belligerent  mood to wipe out Jamshedpur’s docile human race and themselves in the fun game of deadly death donation by way of community coronavirus infection.

The new, sprightly Deputy Commissioner, right from day one of taking over the job and the cumulative responsibility of taming the ‘shrews’ (during Shakespeare’s time it was a lot easier) and implementing human-friendly government projects, took to the streets along with other officials to assess the situation of his new kingdom only to resolve that the locusts needed to be chastised effectively. His visits to the city’s several congregation points including main markets left him awestruck as they had others before him.

The DC along with the agile City SP, the SDO, Magistrate, JUSCO and JNAC officials toured the market areas, reprimanding and warning the perennial street and pushcart vendors that they would be dealt with firmly if they dared to spill their wares across the market streets. The effect had the expected response. They vanished, the market places looked like model market places and peace prevailed. But once the administrative team left one scenario to preach administrative parables to other blokes at other market places, the old scene was recreated with added panache. Some things and mentalities do not change in our city besotted with killjoys.

My copyright observation that if you have one tooth or a set of them,  it is bound to have cavities if not brushed properly, even once everyday, holds true under the malignant circumstances. This becomes all the more evident in my city of joy infested with swarms of killjoys because the nincompoops with market bags shove the protocols of wearing masks and maintaining social distancing up some odorous hole and crowd market places to purchase and push around for free corona offers. Under such ‘compelling’ conditions, blaming the killer coronavirus is unethical, to say the least. The virus too has to survive and if it gets the invitations from the worshippers of Corona Mai to graze on them, it will, with triple delight and launch on family expansion sexually or otherwise (virologists and sexologist are jointly working to find out how the coronavirus breeds simultaneously with their counterparts working on vaccines to cure or curb the viral infection). 

This joyride to hell will definitely be incomplete without mention of another patented form of locusts that swarms the city in herds of two or three or more, without masks on two wheelers spraying corona virus with gay abandon when saner people prefer sanitization and anti larva spray. Well, some may not agree with this seemingly biased point of view but then, it is their right anyway. Even modern day gods succumb to pressure, no matter how unholy the observation may be.

People, some call them members of the combined opposition parties, are pointing accusing fingers at the right, left and centre of the central and state governments and their administrative wings for the viral spread. But if basic protective or preventive norms are not followed by citizens, the harnessing of COVID will remain a nightmarish dream through waking hours unless, of course, people prefer to take their eternal final siesta.

There is no panacea in sight. The most stringent administrative dictates have been rendered hors de combat for infusing community values in man who does not wish to be disturbed from following the path of self destruction. Either ‘batonize’ the species or let them commit community hara-kiri. Human locusts in my city are having the time of their lives. Do not spoil their self destructive party. So what if they are, along with their precarious human community, heading towards ‘Amen’ times.

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