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Team ADLS conduct research on morphological effect of abiotic stress on crop plants


Jamshedpur, August 8: The biotechnology department of ADLS Sunshine School under the guidance of Dr. Santosh Kumar, fellow of Linnaean Society of London, and the biotechnology teacher in the school carried out a research on the morphological effects of gutka / cigarette smoke on the crop ‘plants. Students Abubakar, K Sai Bhaskar, Shagufta Yasmin from XII Science were part of the project.

The purpose of the study was to make the people aware about the change in morphology of plant and its proteome in the form of up-regulation and down-regulation of some proteins or synthesis of some novel proteins as compared to control conditions.

The detection and identification of the differentially expressed proteins would help to develop abiotic stress tolerant variety of a plant species which would be a boon to farmers and would also spread social awareness. The main purpose was to safeguard the human population from such deadly habits of smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco products.

The study was recorded on one-week old seedlings of four economically important plants namely wheat, rice, gram and barley. The seedlings with 3 packs and 2 packs of gutka everyday have shown gradual yellowing of leaves, stunted growth, dried leaves, reduced water intake capacity and overall wilting.

N.V.R Murty, Chairman Schools, M. Ravi Kumar, General Secretary, M. Nageshwar Rao, Secretary, P. Simhadri Rao, Treasurer and other distinguished management members extended their heartiest congratulations to the Principal and staff for their hard work, dedication and insight to accomplish such an informative project.

The Principal, Indrani Singh said, ‘The study is an excellent way of nurturing the research skills of children. Biotechnology is purely a research-oriented subject. It has excellent methods of researching on topics and areas that need attention in our daily lives.

This project has helped the children to get an insight into a topic of social relevance. I am happy that the children, as an agent of change, are trying to promote awareness on the ill effects of tobacco on plants which directly / indirectly provide us food.

People always talk about smoking being injurious to health but very few must have thought about its effect on plants”. She also congratulated the Biotechnology Department teacher and the team of students for their relentless efforts on making the project a success. She wished to see many more relevant projects in the future as well.

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