Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Tata Zoo takes preventive measures with arrival of Monsoon

Jamshedpur : Work has started at Tata Zoological Park for prevention of inconvenience to animals and visitors during monsoon. Along with cleaning of animal enclosure roof, drains and pruning of vegetation and regular disinfection, a Flood Action Plan too is going on to take precautionary measures in those areas of the zoo also which generally gets inundated during the monsoon. Dr M Palit, Deputy Director and Sanjay Kumar Mahato, Curator and other team of officers will be overseeing the implementation of the action plans.

Two team have been formed to oversee flood management during ensuing monsoon and oversee evacuation & rescue inside Tata Steel Zoological Park. One team will be led by Suschen C. Mahato, Field Supervisor and will have R.Srinivas, Field Assistant, Dilip Dey, Keeper, Dinesh Mahato, Asst. Keeper, Limsa Harpal, Asst. Keeper, Vijay Mukhi, Asst. Keeper, and Sulendra Das, Asst. Keeper.

The other Support team will have Ali Akhtar Khan, Field Assistant, T.Ram, Keeper, Sadan Thakur, Keeper, S.K.Singh, Asst. Keeper, Lallan Kumar, Asst. Keeper, Makhnu Pal, Asst. Keeper and B. N. Mazumdar, Sr. Driver The team will take care of Animal Enclosures including Zoo Aquarium. Timely and regular cleaning of drains to prevent water logging in any of the enclosures, dustbins and seating benches will be shifted to safe place and to a higher ground. Boats which are in running condition will be roped and chained properly at boating station while damaged boats, if any will be at dock for repair and maintenance.

Tata Zoo Management is also taking other precautions and preparedness for flood by keeping inflatable tubes, life jacket etc. in ready condition, zoo boundary will be monitored regularly for damages on daily basis, chainlink, agronet, capture nets, steel wire, tools, will be kept ready for use along with all zoo vehicles will be kept ready in operative condition and tanks filled. Duty keepers during night hours have been properly briefed of preparedness and been advised to be on alert.

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