Monday, August 8, 2022

Tata Steel`s Hibiscus Park at Noamundi enriches regional biodiversity

Noamundi, July 26: In view of its focus on biodiversity, Tata Steel has set-up the Hibiscus Park in the township of Noamundi. The park, spread over 3000 square metres was inaugurated today by Rajeev Singhal, Vice President (Raw Materials), Tata Steel in the presence of Pankaj Satija, General Manager (Ore Mines & Quarries), Tata Steel and senior officials of the company.

Last year, the OMQ Division of Tata Steel hosted a seminar on medicinal plants, human health and biodiversity under the banner of “Green Therapy”.

The Ayurvedic practitioners who participated in the “Green Therapy” seminar suggested to plant Hibiscus in the region as it has many medicinal values. In the deliberation of medicinal values on native floral diversity the concept of Hibiscus was conceived – a plant that has a lot of importance in culture and customs of India.

Hibiscus has more than 100 species and Hibiscus Park houses 48 species of hibiscus including Mallorca, Vellachery, Hawaii and Moscheutos varieties. The Hibiscus Park is not only a reflection of Tata Steel`s commitment towards environment but also an initiative to revive the lost medicinal values of such herbs.

Rich in vitamin and minerals, Hibiscus provides relief from high blood pressure, high cholesterol and is believed to have anti-cancer properties in Ayurveda. The park will not only bloom with a rainbow of Hibiscus flowers in times to come but will also benefit people of the region with its medicinal values.

“The OMQ Division of Tata Steel has taken several environmental initiatives along with the community for the conservation, preservation and restoration of biodiversity. Tata Steel is committed to the conservation, enhancement and restoration of biodiversity in its areas of operation.

To formalise this commitment, the Company adopted the company-wide Biodiversity Policy and has also developed the Biodiversity Management Plans (BMPs) for all its mines and collieries. The progresses of the BMPs are being assessed by International Union for Conservation of Nature on regular basis,” said a company communiqué.

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