Thursday, June 8, 2023

Tata Steel�s Ethics Month celebration kicks off in Noamundi and Joda


Noamundi, July 3: Tata Steel OMQ division GM Pankaj Satija hoisted Ethics Flag to kick off Ethics Month celebrations here on Monday. The company workers and union leaders pledged to follow ethical values and code on the occasion.

While addressing the people, GM pankaj Satija said, �The principal of ethics and character exists inherently in Tata Steel�s business decision. We must be honest explicitly. Tata Steel stands by these ethical values and we also must prove ourselves. Mazdoor union secretary Uday Barik said, �We must expose the unethical happening in the company and must discourage such unethical practices.�

Ethical Flag hoisting also took place in Joda located division East Iron Mines. Among those present included Debashis Jena, chief processing head of Logistic OMQ, RP Mali Chief Noamundi, S K Adhya Head operations, and the members of Tata steel union and division staff.

Giving information about the event, a company spokesperson said, �Tata Steel celebrates July month as ethic month every year and the subject this year is �respectable workplace�.

While demarcating ethical lines, In the month long programme with enthusiasm , the company organizes several events including quiz, extempore and sit and draw competition. The participants would share views, ideas and voice on ethics would also be welcomed during the program. �

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