Thursday, March 23, 2023

Tata Steel Foundation: Boon for Adivasi and marginalized communities


By AK Srivastava

Tata Steel Foundation is a boon for Adivasi and marginalized communities in the state of Jharkhand and Orissa around 4000-5000 villages. Tata’s Philosophy is to give return back to those who are contributing towards the growth of Tata Steel. It is based on philosophy of trust and transparency.

The economy of the country is judged on consumption of steel, cement and other building materials. Tata Steel produces best quality of steel at a very competitive rate. It also takes care of the labour force and the population directly or indirectly dependent on production of steel. The strength of the building depends upon it’s foundation, how deep it is and material being used for reinforcement of foundation even the soil is tested to know how much strength it can give. 100 years ago even in villages before digging foundation the soil were being tested by pandits it is thus similar that the way of Tata Steel. It’s economy, it’s philosophy of giving return to the people and the area from where they derives raw material, labour force and other related items for production of steel, this is one of the reasons that Tata Steel Foundation operates in the villages of Orissa and Jharkhand who are directly or indirectly dependent on mining and steel.

It is also said that the area with good deposit of ore and other costly minerals are always economically weak because the mined materials are usually used for production of end products at a place mines away from mining area. But the Tata Steel operation of mines and it’s conversion to steel it is within a limited area that is why tribal and marginalized community being taken care by Tata Steel.

The interaction between various groups of tribals through Tata Steel Foundation and promoting product and item made by tribals is getting popular in the society thus indirectly adding to the economy of the tribals. Tata steel may be doing other activities in CSR but Tata Steel Foundation is basically a non profit organization earmarking it’s activities for the growth of tribals and other community who are basically living in villages. It takes care of activities related to pollution control, greenery, economy, rainwater harvesting, promoting tribal culture, heritage, tribal food which is very popular and being consumed in good hotels,malls and at eating junctions.

Although TSF is hardly came into operation 5-6 years ago but it’s contribution towards growth of economy in villages keeping in view the philosophy of Tata Steel specially J N Tata. The philosophy of CSR founded by J N Tata is being carried over by his son Sir Dorabji Tata, JRD Tata, Ratan Tata and through its Managing Directors right from Shri Rusi Mody to Shri T V Narendran whose SLOGAN is “WE ALSO MAKE TOMORROW”. But the basic implementation of Tata Philosophy and Tata Foundation is being shouldered by a young man wearing a dark color kurta, jeans,paijama with a chapal popularily known as Sourav Roy wholly backed by Tata Steel management.

May God Bless Him.

(Author is President of Jamshedpur Citizen Forum. The views expressed are personal.)

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