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Jamshedpur: Tracing Founder’s Day celebrations through 1932


Founder’s Day was first celebrated by Tata Steel on 3rd March 1932. It was first conceptualized by DM Madan. The celebration from the very beginning followed the pattern of providing departmental zeal within the bounds of a wider loyalty to the company as a whole. Founder’s Day provided an occasion to each member of the whole staff an opportunity of expressing his regard for the memory of the genius to whose faith and judgment, energy and perseverance, the works and the towns of Jamshedpur and its environs bear enduring witness.

It is painful but interesting to note that in 1939 when the entire country was joyously busy in celebrating our Founder’s centenary no event took place at Jamshedpur on 3rd march due to trouble created by labour union

The next momentous year was 1958, the year of Tata Steel’s Golden Jubilee. Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru was the Chief Guest. The Golden Jubilee celebration took place on 1st and 2nd March 1958.Prime Minister Nehru left a day before on 2nd and did not remain to see the Founder’s Day. As usual 3rd March 1958 Founder’s Day Celebration witnessed a cavalcade of floats the floats were the result of many days’ labour by workers in the various shops.  Colorful, ingenious and attractive, they raised cheers from the crowds that lined the road.

1967 was the diamond jubilee year. Founder’s Day Celebration as usual followed the time tested pattern.

Tata Steel turned 75 in 1982. Founder’s day celebration coincided with the Platinum Jubilee Celebration. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was the Chief Guest.

Tata Steel celebrated 150th Birth Anniversary of J.N. Tata in 1989. This year’s founder’s day is still considered most tragic day in Tata Steel’s history. A fire led to many deaths.

In 1990 for the first time since Founder’s Day started , Founder’s Day celebration didn’t take place.

2004 was the founder’s death centenary and birth centenary of JRD Tata and Naval Tata. The commemoration paid tributes to all of the luminaries.

2007 was the centenary year; it was also the year when Corus became part of Tata Steel. Senior Corus executives like Mr. Philippe Varin and Mr. Jim Leng joined the Founder’s Day celebration.

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