Friday, December 1, 2023

Tata Steel becomes first Indian steel company to receive GreenPro Certification

Jamshedpur, June 17:  Tata Steel becomes the first Indian steel company to receive the GreenPro Certification for Rebars. GreenPro Ecolabel enables the end-users to make an informed choice about buying steel having the lowest environmental impact. This certification has made Tata Tiscon the first GreenPro certified Rebar brand in India.

Steel rebars are used in multiple industries and extensively used for construction including home building. Green buildings are critical for future growth and development where the GreenPro certified rebars will have a notable impact in reducing the environment footprint. Earlier this year, Tata Steel collaborated with CII Green Business Centre (GBC) and other relevant stakeholders, to develop a GreenPro framework for steel rebars. It helped in setting up the country’s first type 1 eco-label – GreenPro Standard for Steel Rebars. Biswajit Ghosh, Chief Technology (Product Technology), Tata Steel, was the chair of the committee formed by CII GBC to develop the framework. Under his leadership, the Product Technology and the LCA team supported the development of the framework as per CII GBC’s existing GreenPro standards for other building materials.

Peeyush Gupta, Vice President (Steel Marketing & Sales), Tata Steel, said: “GreenPro Ecolabel for rebars is a significant milestone in our endeavour to create sustainable products for building homes and infrastructure. Our R&D, Technology and Manufacturing teams have developed steel products with an environment friendly footprint. We are proud to announce that all the rebar manufacturing units connected with Tata Steel are GreenPro certified. With this, we look forward to co-creating a ‘carbon smart’ future with our customers – Individual House Builders & Construction companies – for the nation.”GreenPro is a type 1 eco-label by CII GBC for building materials and it is recognised in IGBC Green Building Rating System. Builders who are opting for green building rating system will now be able to benefit from using Tata Tiscon rebars in their construction. The objective of the GreenPro eco-labelling programme is to promote sustainable products in the building sector.

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