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Tata Motors Jamshedpur: Telco Union official admits deduction of service fund

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Jamshedpur, September 13: Tata Motors management deducts Rs 950 to Rs 1000 per month from employees in the name of service fund and Rs 500 in the name of group insurance.

But employees get the benefit of group insurance only. Telco Workers Union official Harsh Vardhan said these things through a press release.

He said that on an average, Rs 950 to 1000 per employee is deducted by the management in the name of service fund from the salaries of 5500 employees.

While Rs 500 is deducted under group insurance item. But till date the employees have not received the benefit of the amount deducted from the service fund and the employees are not even informed about the purpose on which the management spent the amount deducted from the service fund.

Harsh Vardhan said that if an employee dies in an accident inside the plant, only the amount of group insurance is given to his family and dependents by the management, whereas money is deducted from the salaries of all the employees under the service fund head. That the dependent family should be given additional financial benefit from this item also. But this does not happen. At the same time, the management itself does not give anything to the dependent families. On the other hand, in case of an accident in the plant, the amount given to the employees under the head of good safety or meeting the safety standards is not understood. The management does not provide any information in this regard to either the employees or the union officials. Whereas the management has been asked to provide information by writing a letter in this regard.

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