Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Tata Motors employee dies of heart attack

Jamshedpur: One Dhirendra Kumar, an employee of Tata Motors Limited, died after reportedly suffering from heart attack on Thursday.

He had just punched his attendance before collapsing. He was taken to Tata Motors Hospital where he was declared dead, sources said.

The relatives of the deceased blamed high work pressure and stress resulting from it for the death. They raised protest against the incident outside the company gate and the hospital premises.

Expressing sorrow over the incident, district BJP president Dinesh Kumar said there was need to improve working conditions for employees in private companies.

He said the companies should pay attention to the problems being faced by their employees and ensure that they do not succumb to work pressure or tension.

He said very soon a delegation of BJP members would meet company officials to discuss issues related to welfare of workers.

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