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Subrata Dutta – Pride of India

By Ashok Vaish

Sri Subrata Dutta was an ideal sportsman because of his supreme dedication for powerlifting, Bodybuilding and yoga. He became General Secretary of Indian Powerlifting Federation in 1988 and continued for more than two decades.

An illustrious sportsman
Sri Subrata Dutta was an illustrious sportsman in our country. He was full of vigour, strength and enthusiasm. He led most disciplined life achieving great respect among the society of sports persons. As a result, Government of India honoured Rim with ARJUN AWARD long back during seventies (probably in 1976) for his outstanding contribution in powerlifting apart from Bodybuilding and Yoga.

His mother as source of Inspiration from his childhood:
His mother got him trained in Yoga at Calcutta during his childhood and encouraged him to practice weight lifting, powerlifting and body building. She continued to guide him until her death. National Metallurgical Laboratory honoured SRI Subrata Dutta along with his beloved mother followed by demonstration in Yoga and body building under the directorship of Prof. P. Ramchandra Rao.

Gradual rise in his career:
As a young person Subrata Dutta started his career as temporary laboratory assistant at National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur. Subsequently he joined R&D centre of Tata Steel. Due to his deep interest in weight lifting, power lifting and body building, etc., he had to practice vigorously in the afternoon and participate in championships being conducted quite frequently, he suffered the loss of salary as during his absence from duty his salary was deducted. Further he Succeeded to join sports section of Tata Steel and got an opportunity to do justice in his day-to-day practice. Very soon he became state champion and national champion and he was fully dedicated for sports leaving all comforts aside. Finally, he became star and was recognised by Government of India as an Arjun Awardee.

Dedicated organiser
After receiving highest recognition by Government of India he showed himself as a best organiser at National level in the area of Power Lifting. After being elected as the General Secretary of Indian Power Lifting Federation (IPF), he become famous even in foreign countries and could become General Secretary of Asian Powerlifting Federation and finally became quite powerful organiser representing India for many long years. His mother was source of inspiration during all these years. His wife too extended moral support in his all efforts to lead India on various fronts.

Evergreen personality in Sports
He soon became popular among Yoga experts, body builders and powerlifters of India. He was Secretary of Bihar Yoga Association and organised 8th National Yoga championship at the Auditorium of Cable Company in 1982 in which I brought Karnataka Yoga team as Team Manager and participated as National Referee of Yoga. After joining CSIR-NML, Jamshedpur in 1982, my association with Subrata Dutta became quite close and he was mainly responsible for organising GREAT FREEDOM RUN 1988 at Jamshedpur city in which more than 8000 young boys/girls participated from more than 20 locations in Jamshedpur and it was concluded at Keenan Stadium, the function was addressed by D. C. Singhbhum District. I was chief organising Secretary. At his instance I passed Junior and Senior Referee Examination of Indian Powerlifting Federation and was established as Senior Referee in Powerlifting. He appointed me as the Chairman of Disciplinary Committee of Indian Power Lifting Federation and I continued at this position for more than one decade till 2012 or so. Subrata Dutta was mentor of a large number of power lifters, body builders and Yoga experts of our country. He was extremely simple with always laughing mood and commanded respect in the entire country as well as at international level also.

Dedicated Person behind his grand success
SRI VIJAN Bhattacharjee, former Secretary, Bihar Yoga Association and Treasurer, Indian Powerlifting Federation was the most dedicated person who devoted his entire life for the cause of Powerlifting by extending constant support to Subrata Dutta.


(Professor Ashok VAISH is Former Director Grade Scientist, CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur. Former Secretary, Karnataka Yoga Association and Former President, Jharkhand Yoga Association)

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