Saturday, December 2, 2023

Strike ends as Tatanagar Station’s contract cleaning workers secure bonus

Jamshedpur: After a brief strike by 105 contract sweepers at Tatanagar station demanding a bonus, the workers have returned to their duties following the acceptance of their demands. The resolution was achieved through tripartite talks, with representatives from the contractor, the station director, and RTI activist Kamlesh Kumar present during the discussions.

The sanitation workers, employed by the GSIS agency, called off their strike after the contractor agreed to provide a bonus of Rs 4,000 to each worker. The initial demand from the cleaning staff was a bonus of Rs. 6,000. The strike had commenced on Friday, causing a temporary halt in the cleanliness operations at Tatanagar station.

Despite the Railways deploying additional cleaning staff to maintain station cleanliness during the strike, their efforts were deemed insufficient. Prompted by railway officials, negotiations were initiated with the contractor, leading to an agreement that ultimately brought an end to the strike. With the bonus issue resolved, the contract cleaning workers have resumed their duties, restoring the normal cleanliness operations at Tatanagar station.

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