Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Steps against crime and criminals give rise to cautious reassurance


Jamshedpur, Dec 19: It seems East Singhbhum district in general and the steel city in particular, are reverting to the Wild West ways with the steady and sure reemergence of lawlessness in varied and dark forms.

Cases of murder, loot, daylight robberies, vehicle thefts, snatching, et al are once again becoming disconcerting news among citizens who are, as it is, passing through harrowing times of daily living. It is not that the district and police administrations are oblivious of these challenging issues; but they seem to be pulling up their socks in all earnestness now in a bid to substantiate the necessity of �enough is enough.�

Senior BJP leader and MLA, Raghubar Das has raised the issue of lawlessness in the Assembly and called political attention to the ominous state of affairs once again spreading its tentacles. SSP Amol V Homkar today put the hard facts across the table in a no-nonsense meeting with senior police officials including personnel of the Tiger Mobile force in the police control room at Sakchi.

It was reassuring to see police teams at almost every junction of city roads, checking all types of vehicles in a bid to curb illegal �ventures and adventurists.� What proved an icing on the confidence cake was the movement of Deputy Commissioner Dr Amitabh Kaushal, SSP Amol V Homkar, City SP Karthik S, all DSPs, ADM (Law and Order) Ajit Shankar, ADC Ganesh Kumar, SDO Prem Ranjan, Asst Commissioner of Excise Rakesh Kumar and other senior district officials, through the city to ascertain that proper checks had been put in place. Though police checks at busy commuter points did cause inconvenience to people on the move, the fact that precautionary measures were being taken, left no room for a grumbling multitude.

But the biggest reassuring factor of them all will only be felt if such administrative and police alertness become a regular exercise in a bid to curb crime and criminals that are the biggest constituents of bitter pie.

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