Thursday, April 15, 2021

St. Peter’s Students from Karandih motivated for a Science Career

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Jamshedpur, Oct 4 : A group of 90 students of Std.VIII to X from St. Peter’s English High School,Karandih,Jamshedpur accompanied by five teachers, S C Tudo, P S Mehra, S K Sharma, Sourav Dutta and J Maruthi visited CSIR-NML, Jamshedpur and interacted with the scientists and Research Fellows under the banner of School- NML interactive programme .

Dr. N.G.Goswami, Chief Scientist and coordinator of the NML-Social Connect programme presented a bird’s eye view on Indian Science & Technology and also on major contributons by different National laboratories of the country.

Dr Goswami motivated the participating teachers and students for looking at the different facets of science and make them felt importance of the Science & Technology.

He added,we can solve our socio-economic & health issues only by judicious applications of S&T.Later the visiting teachers and students were taken around different Units of the Laboratory by Dr P N Mishra, Sr Scientist.

Several CSIR-NML Senior Scientists including Dr R K Sahu, Dr M K Jha, Dr A K Mahanty,Dr Prabir Roy and many others took part in the programme despite their busy schedule and explained about different experimental set-ups and ongoing projects in their laboratories.

The students expressed their feelings, asked number of questions, and got clarified doubts from the scientists. The students shared their heart felt feelings and expressed that they had been eagerly waiting for the visit.

Uday Narayan Murmu of std.VIII said, “I have seen photo of Microscope in my book and today,I could see the Electron Microscope and its functioning practically “.

Pooja Baura said, Today I felt learning in science can help in solving village and rural developmental issues”. Miss Nanika Hembram added,” I came to Know the importance of patent and its impact.

It was a wonderful experience “. Himadree Gope another student of std. X said, We are delighted to learn the extent of benefits which CSIR and NML provided to the common people “. Sunny Supai Soren, a student of Std. VIII said, I have been inspired by the motivational talks by Sirs to work for the society”.

Kuttu Hansda, a student of std.IX after comletion of the the lab visit,said ” I came to know about many new aspects of science and technology which I barely knew earlier. I found Science very logical. While studying I will be more analytical in my thoughts”.

Rohit Topo another student of std.X said, “I have seen many colourful chemicals in my book and today,I could see them practically“.Another student of std.IX Shantanu Mahanto said,”I have been inspired by the documentation work displayed in laboratory’s Museum. We could quickly look into laboratory’s history”.

“The visit to the laboratory helped us to know in depth about different ores, minerals metals, rocks, how they are extracted and used” said many students. Mihir Soy added, The explanation given by the concern Scientist was simply awesome”.

The students were delighted to know about the NML’s eco-friendly Technologies that aims to improve the quality of environment around the Taj Trapezium and prevent degradation of world Heritage place.

Rahul Tudu, a student of std.X said, “Today despite of knowing many new things , we got to know the basics of “Science” and “Technology” very cleary.

Teacher S C Tudu said the programme like SNIP is simply wonderful attempt by CSIR-NML.This must be continued in the interest of our students and society.

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