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Special children of School of Hope to make Diwali brighter

Jamshedpur, Oct 25: Festive season is a special time of the year. Special for special reasons, but one thing that this season of lights and delights does is to spreading the feel of joy, especially among these specially abled children of School of Hope who through their creativity light up the celebrations for many.

While the entire Jamshedpur city is planning to have a blast this Diwali, the kids of School of Hope like every year are busy manufacturing candles for their self dependence and dignity.

Floating candles in different colours and designs, especially cartoon shaped ones, are a big hit with the city kids and guess what make these candles really special- the hard work of special kids who have been working since months to manufacture these candles- not only out of interest but also to run their school in a better way.

With the Plan to make approx. ten thousand diya and more than one thousand candles 35 students are engaged in the process which is in full swing. All the products are available at nominal Price rate, the candles range from Rs 10 to Rs 75 while the cost of the diya is Rs 0.50 paisa each to Rs. 60 each.

A packet of Medium size of 12 candles ( white )- Rs. 18, packet of Big size of 6 candles (white)- Rs. 75, Dinner Candle Spiral & Coloured – Rs. 10 each, Variety Candles of different shapes and colour from Rs. 10 to Rs. 25 each. The price of diyas packet of 12 small and plain Rs. 45, packet of 12 small but painted Rs. 50, Big & Plain Rs.50 each, Big & Painted Rs. 60 each, Spl Smokeless from Rs. 10 to Rs. 25, Painted Rs. 15 each and Simple Rs. 6 each.

The buzz may be seasonal, the items short on shelf life, but what lingers on is the feeling of being a part of some �special� festivities.

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