Saturday, December 9, 2023

Special cells for spontaneous action on reported irregularities in Jamshedpur

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Jamshedpur, Dec 6: In view of the Assembly elections � 2019 to be held in all constituencies of East Singhbhum on Saturday, December 7, the District Election Officer Ravishankar Shukla has issued orders to open special cells to respond spontaneously to complaints. Complaints may be lodged in the Special Cells as mentioned under:

Vishwanath Maheshwari, DDC and Senior Officer District Control Cell (DCC) All VS constituencies: 0657�2487493, 9472728026; Saurabh Sinha ADC-cum-Nodal Officer, DCC All VS constituencies:0657�2424324, 9431118207; Ashok Kumar Tiwary, Assistant Registrar-cum-Control Cell Officer (CCO):9431373136; Akhilesh Kumar Assistant Project Officer (JEP)-cum-CCO:9431592718 (44 Baharagora VS constituency); Ajay Kumar, District Project Officer-cum-CCO (45 Ghatshila VS constituency);  Punai Oraon, Assistant Engineer Rural Development Special Division-cum-CCO (45 Ghatshila constituency): 7903027406; Ramesh Singh, Labor Officer-cum-CCO (46 Potka VS constituency): 7992479639; Sishir Kumar Soren, Executive Engineer, Drinking Water and Cleanliness Divisional Dept-cum-CCO (46 Potka VS constituency); Vinit Kumar, DSE-cum-CCO (47 VS constituency):8210606189; Pratap Kumar Mahanty, Assistant Engineer NREP, Jamshedpur-cum-CCO (47, Jugsalai VS constituency: 8809579625); Sabita Topno, Executive Magistrate, Dhalbhum-cum-CCO (48 Jamshedpur East VS constituency): 9470185526; Vijay Kumar Rai, Assistant Engineer Rural Development Special Division-cum-CCO (48 Jamshedpur East VS constituency): 8002373581; Shivendra Kumar, DEO-cum-CCO (49 Jamshedpur West VS constituency): 9431831528; Pankaj Kumar, ADPO, JEP-cum-CCO (49 Jamshedpur West VS constituency): 9431989326.

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