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Sleep Study Centre at TMH gives hope to people with sleep apnoea


Sleep Apnoea may boost risk of sudden death: Dr. DP Samaddar
, Jan 10: When most people who are in relatively good health go to sleep, they are reasonably sure they will wake up the next morning.

But millions of people around the world � those who suffer from advanced forms of sleep apnoea � aren�t so sure, because they may suffer a heart attack or stroke.

Keeping this in mind, Sleep Study Centre was jointly inaugurated in the Critical Care department of Tata Main Hospital (TMH) by Chief Guest for the occasion Sunil Bhaskaran, Dy VP, Corporate Services, Tata Steel, P N Singh, President, Tata Workers Union and Dr. T P Madhusudanan, GM, Medical Services, Tata Steel.

On the occasion Sunil Bhaskaran said that TMH is growing and with the addition of the sleep study centre the facilities at the hospital have become more superior, the management has done a world of good in bringing such a sophisticated equipment to the hospital which can improve the quality of life for the people of Jamshedpur and Jharkhand on the whole, added Bhaskaran.

This is the first functional Sleep Study Centre in the state of Jharkhand and is another milestone in the history of TMH, said Dr. DP Samaddar, Head of Department of Anaesthesia, TMH. Dr. Samaddar further said that 5% of the total population of the country is suffering from Apnoea (a temporary inability to breathe) and 93 % of the people don�t sleep well, the rate at which the disease is increasing 34% of the total population will suffer from the disease.

It is a common problem but people are not aware of it and the factors which lead to this problem are obesity, it is more common in males, smoking, consuming alcohol etc. There are effects of sleep apnoea on human body like possibility of stroke, heartattack, high blood pressure, driving accidents, dry mouth or worsening of heart failure, added Dr. Samaddar.

Talking about the Sleep Study Centre, Dr. Samaddar told that TMH has installed a polysomnography machine in the centre which will help people suffering Sleep Apnoea.

Patients suffering from the disease will be observed by consultants using specialist equipment such as a polysomnography machine, which measures the breathing, muscles and oxygen brainwave activity of individuals struggling to sleep soundly.

At a time we can examine a single patient, at first we will be providing a questionnaire to the patient visiting the centre and after that the main diagnosis will start after looking at the problems which may vary from person to person, added Dr. Samaddar.

The cost involved in the treatment may differ from Rs. 7000 to Rs. 10,000. Earlier we didn�t had this facility in TMH due to which proper diagnosis was not done but with this new facility at TMH we hope that more people receive a speedy diagnosis and successful treatment in future, added Dr. Samaddar.

A seminar on Sleep Apnoea was also organized at the main auditorium of TMH were doctors from the hospital highlighted about the medical treatment options for people suffering from the disease and how people can overcome such an issue.

On the occasion Dr. T P Madhusudanan, GM, Medical Services, Tata Steel, Dr, Asif Ahmed and other doctors of the town were present.


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