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Sidhi Baat: CM directs Giridih DC to free govt. land from encroachment

Ranchi, June 28: Resolving various complaints and grievances of people in the Sidhi Baat program on Tuesday, Chief Minister Raghubar Das said that the state government land should be made encroachment free.

Regarding construction of multi-storied building on government land in Ranchi, the CEO of Municipal Corporation said that stay order has been given on the complaint of Mumtaz Ali. But in the departmental enquiry, the claims of the constructor are found to be strong. If the complainant possesses any paper, he should show.

Nand Kishor Prasad from Garhwa said that due to the Garhwa water supply being affected, 8,000 people are not being supplied with water. The officers told the CM that his problems were sorted out on June 21 itself.

Jageshwar Modi of Mahdeva village complained that the forest department gairmajarua land in the village is being encroached by Bedan Modi and no administrative officer is paying any attention to it.

The Deoghar DC said that the complainant�s complaint is true and action is being taken against Bedan Modi and encroachment has been foiled. The CM ordered the DC to ��conduct a survey ��and ��free the govt. land from encroachment and plant trees on it.

Regarding not completing primary health center which is being constructed from 2008, the departmental officers said that the construction work which was being done by district engineer has been stopped and retendered which will be completed in 6 months.

Regarding the murder of Rajkumar Bhattacharya on November 17, 2013, Anandita Bhattacharya complained that the Giridih police station is not registering FIR despite the order of CID. The Giridih SP said that within 24 hours, the complaint will be lodged. The CM told Anandita Bhattacharya to meet the SP.

Regarding non-payment of old age pension to 80-year-old Videshi Mahto of Thakurgangri village of Godda, the officers told that the pension has been accepted and will be regulated from next month.

Chinta Devi complained that payment under various heads to 300 third and fourth grade staff retired from Hazaribag Mining Council is stopped. The secretary to the CM told the CM said that he will talk to the Urban Development Department officials in this regard.

Durgesh Kumar of Hazaribag complained that he did not get the medical insurance. The officers said that by next Friday, it will be sorted out.

Rana Shushil Singh who has retired from Women, Child Development and Social Security Department, on January 1, 2014 complained that his pension has not been started in lack of service confirmation. The departmental officers said that his proforma has been sent to divisional commissioner on June 8, 2016.

Regarding missing of Md. Sikandar and Md. Riazuddin, Md. Anwar complained that the officer-in-charge is not paying any attention to it. The police officers said that an investigation is being carried away under the DSP, but no clue is found yet. Md. Anwar also said that TPC could have a hand in it. The CM ordered the police officers to look into it.

Regarding not having toilets for girls in Jamtara College and late running of session, �the departmental secretary Ajay Kr. Singh said that he sent Siddo- Kanho University officials to investigate but the report has not come yet.

When the Siddo- Kanho University officials told the CM that they have sent the report one month earlier, Singh said that he will look into it.

Rajesh Arya complained that the bridge completion in still incomplete near Dho Pahari for the last three years. The departmental secretary told that the work will be started this week.

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