Saturday, December 2, 2023

Sheyn teachers benefit from Mathematics workshop

Jamshedpur, August 24: Maths requires logical reasoning and thinking and in this present scenario, today�s youngsters try to avoid maths as it causes headache to many.

Keeping this in mind to make maths more easy, interesting, and innovative and make the children move a step forward willingly.

Sheyn International School organized a workshop for its Maths and Science teacher�s.

The workshop was conducted by Mr. Nittin Bhinde from Mindspark (Revolution zing Maths Learning). Nitin basically made the teachers understand the reasons why children fall back in Maths and loose interest which makes their concept zero.

He introduced personalized Learning Pattern which gives the space to learn at own pace, without worrying about races.

He also showed the teachers how to go about in one to one learning with mindspark.

Overall it was a very interesting and knowledgeable session which will be useful for teachers and students.

He also introduced the PISA Test and shared his website with the teachers to start the teaching practice with the students.

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