Thursday, October 6, 2022

Sheyn International School launches green mission

Jamshedpur, May 4: Sheyn International School, Jamshedpur has launched a green mission with the objective of sustaining and nourishing the environment which is literally in shambles. In this project the concept of Reduce and Recycle has been given the topmost priority.

Plastics are potential health-hazards, they canít be burnt or destroyed, so in order to recycle it, the school came with a very novel innovation, plastic bottles were cut and designed to place cereals, grain and water for the birds, it was stocked and tied in the branches of all the green trees in the school campus. So, that small birds like Sparrows, Swallows, Robin etc. can get food and water.

Sparrows are an endangered species, nowadays due to radiation by Mobile towers, Air conditioners and other devices. This initiative will help in replenishing the sparrow population. Thus, it was a real great innovative step taken by the school for benefit of hapless birds. Children learnt the value of feeding birds and other small creatures, so that they become generous and responsible denizens of India.

The Principal, Manuj Sharma and Vice Principal, Pushpa Bhalla lauded this initiative by teachers and students of the school and promised to keep on doing a lot for environmental protection unabatedly as per the tradition of the school.

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