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SER to run 14 additional EMU locals from Nov 17


Kolkata, Nov 16: Considering the huge rush of Suburban Passengers due to high occupancy in the existing services and to maintain proper social distancing, South Eastern Railway has decided to enhance the EMU train services from 81 to 95 EMU trains with effect from 17th November’ 2020. 

Out of the 14 additional EMU Services, 7 will run in Up direction and 7 in Down direction. Among the seven Up EMU trains, four trains will run between Howrah-Panskura and one train each between Howrah-Midnapur, Howrah-Kharagpur and Howrah-Mecheda. Similarly, out of the seven Down EMU trains, four trains will run between Panskura-Howrah and one train each between Midnapur-Howrah, Kharagpur-Howrah and Mecheda-Howrah. These EMU Locals will run as per the timings and stoppages of the existing Public Sub-urban Time table 2019-20.

 The schedule timings of the additional 14 EMU services for UP and DN are given as under:

Train No.UP Train NameDep.Arr.
38705Howrah-Kharagpur EMU Local04.5507.30
38805Howrah-Midnapur EMU Local05.3508.50
38417Howrah-Panskura EMU Local09.5011.45
38423Howrah-Panskura EMU Local13.1015.00
38435Howrah-Panskura EMU Local17.0018.52
38317Howrah-Mecheda EMU Local20.0521.40
38453Howrah-Panskura EMU Local22.2500.15
Train No.DN Train NameDep.Arr.
38302Mecheda-Howrah EMU Local03.0504.35
38708Kharagpur-Howrah EMU Local06.5509.32
38420Panskura-Howrah EMU Local08.2510.18
38812Midnapur-Howrah EMU Local09.1012.32
38440Panskura-HowrahEMU Local15.5717.50
38446Panskura-Howrah EMU Local17.4519.38
38452Panskura-Howrah EMU Local19.1021.07

The daily tickets and season tickets will be available at the booking counters at different stations for the commuters. It has been decided to extend the validity of the season tickets to the extent of days lost during lockdown.

Entry inside the stations and in trains will strictly be maintained as per COVID-19 health protocols. Close liaison with State Authorities and various Railway Departments has been programmed for ensuring social distancing, queue management and prevention of spread of COVID-19.

Use of face mask is mandatory and Railway and State Government will ensure multiple rounds of checking for maintaining of social distancing. Passengers are requested to avail alternate seats observing indication on seats to maintain physical distancing during journey. All coaches will be sanitized regularly.

South Eastern Railway urges all its valued commuters to strictly follow all COVID-19 health and hygiene protocols.

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