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School children make a beeline, take selfies during static aircraft display


Jamshedpur, July 29: Despite the overcast sky and occasional drizzle, the mood was upbeat as the energy provided by this annual celebration enthused the citizens of Jamshedpur who came together to pay tribute to the doyen of Indian industry, Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhai (JRD) Tata on his 112th birth anniversary.

A visit to the Sonari Aerodrome on JRD Tata’s birth anniversary is now virtually a tradition in Jamshedpur with scores of school children making a beeline for it early in the morning.

Not withstanding the attraction of other programs held through the day, the static aircraft display and aero modeling is the major highlight for everyone.

A tribute to India�s first licensed pilot by Tata Steel�s Aviation Department included a thematic exhibition on JRD Tata’s passion for aviation and his contribution to it. Aero-modeling shows and static display of aircraft kept the school children glued to the venue. The exhibition also showcased his enduring philosophy and pioneering role as an industrialist.

JRD Tata, the man who gave wings to the nation was extremely passionate about flying and laid the foundation for civil aviation in India through the Tata Airlines, which he established in 1932. In 1948, JRD Tata launched Air India International, India’s first international airline.

JRD Tata, the man who gave wings to the nation was extremely passionate about flying and laid the foundation of civil aviation in India.

As a tribute to this, Tata Steel’s Aviation Department organized a thematic exhibition on JRD Tata and his passion for flying, showcasing the philosophy of the pioneering industrialist at Sonari Airport. The special program also included an Aero-modeling show and static display of Aircrafts.

�Let industries established in the countryside �adopt� the villages in its neighborhood; …it is also clearly in the interests of industry that surrounding areas should be healthy, prosperous and peaceful.� These words of J R D Tata have paved the path for Tata Steel in all its aspects from business to social welfare.

Jolly Sunil, wife of Sunil Bhaskaran, vice-president, corporate services, Tata Steel inaugurated the exhibition. She said, “JRD Tata touched the lives of countless people, as he became the embodiment of the principles and philosophy of the house of Tata. We are hugely privileged to reap the benefits of his hard work and dedication to the group.�

The Jamshedpur Aero modelling Club displayed a static Puss Moth plane to make visitors understand the kind of plane JRD flew from Karachi to Bombay.

The members of the Calcutta Aero modelling Club also showcased a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) plane made out of high density thermocol that can fly like an airplane and a helicopter with a maximum height of 1000 meters.

The static aircraft display showcased Platus PC12 and Super King B200GT and other aircrafts. Children and even youngsters preferred taking selfies in front of the airplanes.

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