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Scattered pre-monsoon showers hit steel city, more rains likely in 48 hours �

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Jamshedpur, June 10: Thunderstorms and lightning struck the city on Friday hinting that monsoon is likely to arrive soon. Dark clouds hovered above the cityscape around 5 p.m. and gusty winds followed, resulting in rain.

Officials at the met department said monsoon is likely to hit the city in sometime next week and the thunderstorms were a precursor to this.

“The pre-monsoon showers usually come a week ahead of the actual monsoon rain and so far the monsoon looks to be on track,” said an official. Jamshedpur has witnessed high temperatures in the past week, with the day temperature in many places crossing 44�C.

With cloud build-up and increased humidity, the meteorological department forecasts occasional pre-monsoon showers to provide relief for the citizens of the coast from the soaring mercury levels.

After nearly one week of rising heat levels, rains are back in the district. While there was drizzle reported on the outskirts of Jamshedpur, the office has recorded nearly 3mm of rainfall at their gauge in the city.

However, with the maximum temperature hovering around 42�C, and cloud build up increasing humidity to 92 percent (nearly 14 percent higher than the normal recorded), the day remained hot and muggy for citizens here.

The residents of the Mango Notified Area Committee (MNAC) have been clamoring for the drinking water availability since early April.

The problem of more than one lakh residents in the region remained unaddressed for large part of the summer with not a single drop of water coming out from the hand pumps and even the wells gone dry in the remote areas of the locality.

While the MNAC had supplied water through tankers over the period, still large parts of the area remained untouched in the wake of its limited supply, especially areas under the Azadnagar police station.�

“Yes, in the peak of summer the rains that lashed the city in the last few days have worked well for us. The water level in the well of my house has increased and fewer hand pumps in the area too are generating water,” said, Kishore Singh, BJP member and resident of Mango post office line.��

Similarly, Kalu Mian, popularly known as Haji Saheb, a meat trader and resident of road number-12, Azadnagar, a densely populated Muslim area, said that the rise of water level in the river and underground has helped them little with water now flowing out of the hand pumps.�

Nevertheless, the MNAC officials are not very happy with the ‘rains quenching the thirst of Mango residents� logic. In fact, they have maintained that until a sound system of supplying drinking water comes up there is always the possibility of water crisis looming large over the Mango area.

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