Tuesday, December 5, 2023

SBI Jugsalai branch generators leading to traffic snarl in Jugsalai

Jamshedpur : Lack of parking lots on many prime roads and haphazard parking of vehicles on roadsides and paralyzing of automatic traffic signals create traffic snarls in the city during peak hours. One of such situation prevails in front of State Bank of India, Jugsalai branch. A chaos like situation welcomes one during office hours in Jugsalai these days.

The bank has kept two generators at the platform in front of its branch leading to traffic snarl. Due to capturing of space in front of the bank the visitors are forced to park their vehicle on the road leading to traffic jam. Bank has two generators one 5 KV for ATM while 50 KV for its office purpose. The bank management has failed to give importance to the parking of vehicles.

Moreover, the road near railway crossing in Jugsalai has no proper parking lots for four wheelers and two wheelers. People visiting bank park their vehicles on both sides of the road forcing pedestrians to walk on the road.

Though the bank claims to provide every facility to the people, and has been functioning from past 45 years but has failed to provide parking facility to the people. The road is an important artery that connects to Gaurishankar Road, Ginnibhai Dharamshala Road and Mahto Para Road. Moreover, the bank had kept the generators behind its premise but from past two years it has brought in front of the building giving rise to traffic congestion.

�As the hour progresses the space crunch begins. You can�t even dream of finding a place by the time it�s 10 a.m when the bank opens. And this continues till at least 4 p.m.� says a local resident. � I usually don�t take my car for the same, because each time I�d waste half my time finding a spot to park my car. It�s much less stressful if I walk or take my two-wheeler.�

Moreover, the local shopkeepers said that since Jugsalai faces power crunch the generators work for 5 to 6 hours giving rise of noise and air pollution. The building where the bank is housed was built in 1922. There is no pillar in the building due to vibration of the generators the bank is also under risk.

�Technically, there are no designated parking areas. There aren�t even signboards to mark these areas as such. More importantly, there is no special parking lot for two-wheelers. Most people park on both sides of the by-roads near buildings � usually in a way that it doesn�t obstruct traffic,� adds a shopkeeper.

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