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Sarhul Jamshedpur: Man cannot survive without Nature, says Raghubar


Ex-CM participates in Sarhul celebration in city

Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, March 24: Today Sarhul, a great festival based on nature conservation, is being celebrated with full enthusiasm across the country. People of the tribal community celebrate this festival with great pomp. The festival of Sarhul was celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm by the tribal community of Jamshedpur on Friday. On the occasion of Sarhul, the festival of great worship of nature, National Vice President of BJP and former Chief Minister Raghuvar Das participated in the Sarhul Puja organized by Tribal Munda Samaj and Tribal Oraon Samaj at Old Sitaramdera.
He prayed for health and prosperity for the residents of Jharkhand including Jamshedpur after duly offering prayers at the holy Sarhul worship place. During this, BJP Jamshedpur Metropolitan President Gunjan Yadav also offered prayers at Sarhul worship place.
On this occasion, former Chief Minister Raghuvar Das said that Sarhul is a great festival of worship of nature. May the nature love of the tribal society remain intact. He said that nature and human complement each other. Man cannot be imagined without nature. Nature will survive, only then human life will exist on earth. Not only the tribals, but all the people of the society should be alert to protect the nature and take steps for its conservation.
He said that stay close to nature, love nature but do not play with nature. Sarhul festival gives us the message that nature is paramount. Today, when the whole world is facing a crisis like global warming, in such a situation, we all have to follow our responsibility more carefully towards nature conservation and its promotion. During this, BJP Jamshedpur Metropolitan President Gunjan Yadav and other guests were warmly welcomed by the puja committee along with former Chief Minister Raghuvar Das.

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