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Rotary Jamshedpur West, Rotary Colombo West to become twin clubs internationally

Jamshedpur, Nov. 25:Three Rotarians from Rotary club of Colombo West Visited Jamshedpur Rotary Clubs and exchanged ideas under Rotary Family Exchange programme. Rotarian Kosala, Rotarian Janaka and Mrs rima addressed Rotarians of Jamshedpur at United Club on Friday.

Srilankan Rotarians had home stay at Rt Alakananda and Amitava ‘a place, Rtn BR Master’s place, Rtn Uday and Deepika Dhir place.

They visited Centre for Excellence and Tata Steel plant along with different projects of different Rotary clubs of Jamshedpur.

They exchanged cultural and moral ethos of both countries.Rotary club of Jamshedpur West organised meeting with members of all Rotary Clubs at United Club.

Asst. Governors Amresh Sinha and Kety Kabba introduced them.

Presidents of all Rotary Clubs exchanged Flags with members of Rotary club of Colombo West.Rotary club of Jamshedpur West and Rotary club of Colombo West signed treaty of becoming Twin Clubs internationally.

Rtn Janaka, Kosala and Chandrika addressed all members and expressed happiness over activities of all Clubs. They also talked about one world one religion.

Rtn Janaka expressed desire of working on similar humanitarian projects with help of Rotarians of both Twin Clubs– Jamshedpur West and Colombo West.

He also expressed his willingness to work with other Rotary Clubs too. The event was a great International club meeting experience for all the Rotarians.

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